New single: Heavenly Shower

Dear ones, here’s what I’ve been cooking for you! My new song “Heavenly shower” is now available on iTunes in 107 countries! Full video of the song will be finished later this week. Please listen, listening is an act of love.




Heading to Portugal!

This time I’m not in Portugal for a show. I’m here for the sun and the moon, the sea and the clams. While we’re at it we’re filming some sequences to go with a newly recorded song. Soon to be heard!


What does music look like?

Translating my music into photographs together with long time friend & renowned photographer Anders Thessing in Cuba.


Full focus!


Lisa goes to Norway to play

On August 31st Lisa will play at the Mo i Rana festival in Norway.

Tickets can be bought here.


At the Olympia, Paris – part 3

Here’s Part 3 from the DVD “Lisa Ekdahl at the Olympia, Paris”.

This time it’s not a song from the Olympia, but a song recorded in Lisa’s home in Stockholm, Sweden.

The song is filmed & recorded in one take.

Filmed by Adam Nilsson
Guitar: Mathias Blomdahl
Bass: Josef Zakrisson
Mini Hammond Organ: Tomas Hallonsten
Percussion: Erik Nilsson
Tenor Sax: Per “Texas” Johannson
Lisa is singing in her favorite microphone, an old Neumann M269.


At the Olympia, Paris – part 2 of 11

Here is part two out of eleven from the DVD “Lisa Ekdahl at the Olympia, Paris”.



At the Olympia, Paris – part 1 of 11

Dear listeners

This summer I will not do any shows.

Instead I will be hanging out in the hammock with family and friends and possibly write a song or two.

Please check out part one (out of eleven) from the DVD “Lisa Ekdahl at the Olympia, Paris”.

See you further on down the road.

Be well.